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The template {{Abbr}} is used to write an abbreviation with its meaning. It is a wrapper for the HTML element <abbr>...</abbr>, the element used by most web browsers to create a tooltip indicating the meaning of an abbreviation or acronym.

Please note: Do not use {{abbr}} or <abbr> to mark up material other than abbreviations or acronyms. Using it to generate tooltips elsewhere is a misuse of the underlying HTML and causes accessibility problems. See {{Hover title}} for how to implement similar functionality without abusing markup (though it is also not accessibility-perfect as of June 2018; input sought at Template talk:Hover title).

Usage[править код]

The template {{abbr}} takes two unnamed parameters, in order:

abbreviation – the abbreviation, acronym, or initialism to be explained; shows as text, and may use wikimarkup, such as a link to an article about what it refers to.
meaning – the expansion or definition of the abbreviation; shows as the popup when you hover over the abbreviation. No wikimarkup can be used in this parameter.

These can also be given as explicitly numbered parameters; this is necessary if a parameter's content contains the equals (=) character:

  • Complex example: [[Mass–energy equivalence|{{abbr|{{math|''E'' {{=}} ''mc''<sup>2</sup>}}|2=Energy = mass times the speed of light squared}}]]
  • Produces: E = mc2

Named parameters and the input they take:

One or more CSS classes (space-separated if more than one)
An HTML id (i.e., a #ID name here link anchor); this must be unique on the entire page
Arbitrary inline CSS to apply to the abbreviation text. For any input that needs to be quotation-marked (e.g. because it contains a space character), use straight single-quotes only, e.g. |style=font-family: 'Times New Roman', serif;

Examples[править код]

Markup Renders as
{{abbr|MSLP|Mean Sea Level Pressure}}


When hovering over the text "MSLP", something like Mean Sea Level Pressure will appear as a tooltip in most browsers. Popular screen readers, used by visually impaired readers, give the meaning in a different way.

Markup Renders as
{{abbr|UK|United Kingdom|class=country-name|id=foobar}}


Linking must be done a particular way[править код]

To wiki-link the abbreviation being marked up by this template, wrap the template in the link, not vice-versa, or the meaning will not appear in some browsers, including Chrome.

Compatibility Markup Renders as
Compatible [[Knockout#Technical knockout|{{abbr|TKO|technical knockout}}]] TKO
Less compatible {{abbr|[[Knockout#Technical knockout|TKO]]|technical knockout}} TKO

Do not link, or use any other wikimarkup or HTML markup, in the meaning (popup) – only plain text.
The mouse-over popup for the meaning text is created by a title= attribute inside an <abbr> HTML element's opening tag, so it cannot itself contain any HTML (or markup that resolves to HTML when rendered). This includes simple things like ''italics''.

Accessibility and HTML validity concerns[править код]

This template is intended only for use with abbreviations (including acronyms and initialisms).

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines contain guidelines for using the <abbr> element generated by this template; see section H28: Providing definitions for abbreviations by using the abbr and acronym elements.

Furthermore, the HTML specifications (both those of the W3C and WHATWG) strictly define the <abbr> element as reserved for markup of abbreviations. Abusing it for mouse-over tooltips breaks our semantic markup and makes our content invalid HTML (technically, "not well-formed"; it will pass an basic automated validator test because such a tool can't tell that the logical application of the data to the structure isn't correct, only that tags are nested properly, etc.).

Redirects[править код]

The following template names will redirect to {{abbr}}:

Template data[править код]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Abbr

This template defines an abbreviation or acronym, by creating a tooltip that is displayed on mouse-over.

Параметры шаблона


Shows as text

Строка (короткая)обязательный

Shows as a tooltip

Текст (произвольной длины)обязательный

Applies {{IPA}} to fix strings in the International Phonetic Alphabet rendered in Internet Explorer on Windows XP

Строка (короткая)необязательный

Adds a HTML class

Строка (короткая)необязательный

Adds a HTML id

Строка (короткая)необязательный

See also[править код]

  • {{abbrlink}}, a variant of this template that includes wikilinking.
  • {{Hover title}}, used for generating tooltips in general.
  • {{R-phrase}}, which generates the abbreviation (the code number) for an R-phrase (a "risk phrase", e.g. "Explosive when dry"). The R-phrase itself and a link to List of R-phrases are included in a tooltip.
  • {{clarify}}, which produces the inline superscript:  [clarification needed].